Mass Emailing

Imbali Studio introduces Hermes, our first bulk/mass emailing system. Let us do your bulk emailing for you, while you sit back and relax.


  • Fully Automatic Email Verification and Sending
  • Reliable Delivery, Bounce and Failure statistics
  • Easy to use, User Profile (view stats, reports, settings)
  • Safe Subscribe/Unsubscribe Functionality (embedded into your existing website)
  • Subscriber Management
  • Export Subscribers to Excel (CSV)


  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable
  • We do the work!

How does it work?

Hermes is different to any other bulk emailing system on the market. Why? We do the work for you!

With most mass emailing systems available, you would need to create each newsletter yourself, sometimes spending hours formatting and compiling your newsletter in accordance to the few templates available, leaving you to settle for something generic and sub-standard.

With Hermes, we do everything for you! Simply provide us with the content for the newsletter in MS Word. We custom design each newsletter according to your exact requirements and specifications. Once compiled and approved, your newsletter will be sent out in bulk.

Newsletter Examples

  • Static jQuery Animated website with audio streaming and playback.
  • Full custom CMS based website with FLASH
  • Clean and Professional! Just like our client.
  • A fresh idea to Ecommerce! We very happy with the outcome of this ecommerce website, supporting charity organisations.
  • Simple, creative design makes this database driven website easy to navigate and keep up to date.
  • 100% content managed, interactive directory style website, loaded with features, AJAX and much more...
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